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The sea – 25 km. The mountains – 10 km

The tradition of Marche town houses in the historic centres of towns and villages has its origins in medieval times and more often than not those houses were given a palatial face lift in the eighteenth century. In this property in Le Marche it still possible to see both styles living happily side by side. Part remains truly medieval with fabulous old wooden beams and floors and a large open fireplace while many of the upper rooms are decorated in the aristocratic fashion with coved and frescoed ceilings. This Marche house vibrates with period atmosphere and with a sympathetic renovation would provide its owners with a very prestigious property.

The brick arched and part vaulted double basement is accessible from the street level. The ample space would be perfect for a warm and characterful kitchen and dining room (or perhaps even a small restaurant!). It has been suggested to use part of this space for an internal garden still leaving enough room for an inside plunge pool.

Stairs lead from the front door to the first floor rooms where there is also evidence of a second entrance to the property at the first floor level. This entrance, which could easily be reinstated, is approached from a charming small piazza and would have originally led directly to the older part of the house which has one large sitting room with a series of anti rooms. Further staircase leads to the more stylish period rooms consisting of an impressive fully frescoed salon and three further rooms two of which are en-suite bedrooms. A third staircase arrives at possibly one the most interesting aspects of the property, currently housing a bathroom, two good sized attic rooms and a terrace with a roof top view to the Adriatic sea and the Sibillini mountains. This could become a master bedroom suite.

This Marche property is situated in possibly one of the best restored villages of the whole region with a rich history dating back to the pilgrims, the Knight Templars and Thomas E. Beckett.

The house has a perfectly sound structure and is being offered at an astonishingly good price which would make this not only an interesting project but also a sound investment.



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